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FUTURE Future future (future)
We're on a boat!

Jacob and Adam met with Sara Tonini to look into her mental conditioning. Upon doing some investigation, they discovered that all of Sara’s mind is in there somewhere and it was a moulding of her soul that made her not look at her core personality and programmed her. Adam is confident that with Xavier acting as assistant, he can repair the damage. Adam approached Xavier about ‘all the things we aren’t being told’ and Xavier agreed to start hosting a weekly seminar. Xavier teased that aliens might or might not exist. That’s when Adam decided to telepathically check. Turns out they are real.

The first seminar talked about the afterlife. Turns out it’s not so much a rule as a guideline. There may be some kind of objective morality but subjectivity factors in. Team one was then granted use of the yacht for the weekend. They had a good time. Tiny drank a lot, Scott and Jean did not. Jacob opted to play babysitter, staying mostly sober and supervising the activity with his luck powers.

On the way back to the mansion, all the vehicles on the road stopped. The team was addressed by a fellow calling himself Mr. Echo. He then instructed the team to tell Nathan that they were even. Unless Nathan seemed confused by that, in which case, Nathan owed Mr. Echo one. Then, the team appeared in the year 2249.

2049 immediately terrified the team. Self driving cars all over the place and prompt police response to minor infractions caused the team to conclude they were in an authoritarian state. Questioning an employee of a local wildlife preserve revealed the existence of a caste system, a Trump family member in the Presidency, and widespread acceptance in the public of Mutancy.

Telepathic contact was made with Jean Grey 2249 by Jean Grey 2017. Upon contact being established, Jean 2017 turned into a fiery bird and flew off. A little while after, Jean 2249 showed up to talk to the team. She brought them to an island. She revealed that she had ‘absorbed’ Jean 2017 and would ‘disgorge’ Jean 2017 again when it was time for the team to go home, as there could only be one Jean. The Phoenix inside of her was a Brute Fact of the Universe and therefore could only have one existence at a time. In her opinion, Nathan probably referred to Nathaniel Essex (Mr. Sinister) or Nathan (son of Jean 2249 and Scott 2249, which Scott 2017 was not to know about by request of Jean 2249). Jacob used his MUTANT POWERS!!!! to deduce that we were here for Nathan, Son of Scott. His powers also confirmed that we were meant to do our thing in Australia. As such, the team prepared to go to Australia 2249. Jean confessed that it was a Mutant country, but refused to discuss more about it.

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During a wilderness survival class Wolverine become aggressive, (caused by a Limbo and Bliss combo attack) he did have enough sense to immediately get as far from people (including the students) as possible. The students successfully avoided being attacked, encountered Sara Tonini, did not fall for the Bliss/Limbo trap, revealed the Limbo/Weapon-X collaboration (Weapon-X wanted to reacquire Wolverine, Limbo wanted to reacquire Tartarus). Plan foiled. Sara Tonini (Bliss) acquired.

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Saved rat face guy, his name is Sam, we gotta call him Sam.
Formed Xavier’s Student Union – which is sort of an unranked collective.
People joined stuff at Bayville.
Bayville students wanted to know how you go about getting those sweet mutie powers.
Xavier opened the training room for student training due to dangers at Bayville.

Agent joined photography club.
Phin joined football.
Greg joined a model building ‘club’.


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