Adam Douglas



Adam is a powerful telepath whose powers have allowed him to avoid facing consequences for most of his actions. As such he tends to be a little arrogant, and fairly irresponsible. He has also developed a fondness for video games, as they are one of the few activities that pose a legitimate challenge to him because he is unable to use his powers to affect the outcome.


Born to Ricky and Tanya Douglas (a bus driver and cashier at a local corner store) Adam is one of five children, all of who are mutants despite neither parent being a mutant. His siblings are Ashlee (3 years older), Rachel (2 years older), Nikki (2 years younger), and Sam (3 years younger). As their powers manifested Ashlee, Rachel and Nikki began to take advantage of the inattentive parenting style of their parents and formed a gang. Sam often snuck along with them. Adam had no interest joining a gang, as he had no need to use force to get anything, but was often called in to fix things by his siblings whenever they got into a tight spot. Upon being discovered by the Xavier Institute Adam and his two younger siblings were recruited to attend school there, while Ashlee and Rachel refused.

Adam Douglas

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