Greg Irwin



Tall for his age and very fit, Greg Irwin is a former OHL player and NHL hopeful. These days he comports himself with a great deal of care. His mutant gifts have given him tremendous strength and near invulnerability to harm. He doesn’t know his own strength and does his best to remember that at all times. He used to have a bit of a swagger, but he’s stowed that somewhere deep while he tries to remember that his world is made of cardboard. That he has to always be careful not to break something or someone. Never allowing himself to lose control for even a second or someone might get hurt again. Maybe even killed this time. Recently, he has joined a modeling club at Bayville High as working with tiny buildings is good practice, and the consequences for failure are minimal.


Greg was born in London Ontario. His parents are Reginald and Irma Irwin. His father works for the city as a road maintenance foreman and his mother hosts a Youtube channel about all things knitting and crochet. His older sister, Veronica, currently is studying business at Ivey. He also has a twin sister who is just finishing up her last year at Beal, with hopes of entering Fanshawe’s music program.

Greg is a former player for the London Knights, his career ended when his mutant powers manifested on the ice. He gave someone the body check of their life, shattering their spine beyond repair and leaving them wheelchair bound for life. He was ejected from professional hockey as a result and then recruited by Charles Xavier for his school.

Greg Irwin

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