Jacob Smith



Jacob is a mutant with the ability to understand and manipulate probability. He can track back the probable causes of an event he views as well as track forward the probable outcomes of current events. Moreover, he can also influence the probable outcomes of events around him, making certain events more or less likely, and even put himself into a state of quantum superposition such that his actual existence is hidden among several potential existences. Jacob is a driven high-achiever, either due to his mundane and/or mutant abilities, and often tries to push himself beyond standard expectations by exceeding in many areas, including academic pursuits, athletic pursuits, artistic pursuits, and social pursuits.


Jacob was born and raised in Los Angeles, California to Michael and Jennifer Smith, a factory manager and a secretary, respectively. Jacob’s childhood was uneventful until his teenage years, when his budding mutant powers resulted in several strings of good and bad luck for himself and his family, including the loss of their house in a freak accident involving a paperweight and a fire, and a timely lottery win that rendered the family comfortably wealthy. Jacob’s older sister, Jessica, is a mutant herself, benefiting from an enhanced intellect, and is currently attending Harvard Law School after obtaining a combined BSc in Physics and BA in Philosophy from MIT.

Jacob Smith

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